Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa

“You’d be foolish to fire that gun. With these mirrors, it’s difficult to tell – you are aiming at me, aren’t you? I’m aiming at you, lover. Of course, killing you is killing myself. It’s the same thing. But you know, I’m pretty tired of both of us.”

Photographer: Marie Jeannesson

“I saw my first two hundred films on the sly, playing hooky and slipping into the movie house without paying—through the emergency exit or the washroom window—or by taking advantage of my parents’ going out for an evening (I had to be in bed, pretending to be asleep, when they came home). I paid for these great pleasures with stomachaches, cramps, nervous headaches and guilty feelings, which only heightened the emotions evoked by the films. I felt a tremendous need to enter into the films. I sat closer and closer to the screen so I could shut out the theater. […] At that period in my life, movies acted on me like a drug. The film club I founded in 1947 was called—somewhat pretentiously but revealingly—the Movie-mania Club (Cercle Cinémane). Sometimes I saw the same film four or five times within a month and could still not recount the story line correctly because, at one moment or another, the swelling of the music, a chase through the night, the actress’s tears, would intoxicate me, make me lose track of what was going on, carry me away from the rest of the movie.”


Giulietta Masina on the set of Nights of Cabiria (1957)

léa seydoux behind the scenes of blue is the warmest color 

Przeżyłem tak niewiele, że mam skłonności do wyobrażania sobie, że nie umrę, wydaje mi się nieprawodpodobne, że życie ludzkie może redukować się do tak niewielu rzeczy; człowiek myśli, wbrew samemu sobie, że wcześniej czy później co się wydarzy. Poważny błąd. Życie może być doskonale krótkie i puste zarazem. Dni upływają monotonnie, nie zostawiając najmniejszego śladu ani wspomnienia.
Michel Houellebecq, Poszerzenie pola walki 

Extension du domaine de la lutte 

Yay my book arrived today!

"Pendant quinze minutes elles ont continué à aligner les platitudes. Et qu’elle avait bien le droit de s’habiller comme elle voulait, et que ca n’avait rien à voir avec le désir de séduire les mecs, et que c’était juste pour se sentir bien dans sa peau, pour se plaire à elle-même, etc. Les ultimes résidus, consternants, de la chute du féminisme. À un moment donné j’ai même prononcé ces mots à voix haute: “les ultimes résidus, consternants, de la chute du féminisme”. Mais elles ne m’ont pas entendu."


Michel Houellebecq, Extension du Domain de la Lutte

Say what you will, Houellebecq is pretty funny. 

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"Interviewer: “Love may not exist?”
Houellebecq: “That’s the question of the moment.”
Interviewer “And what is causing its disappearance?”
Houellebecq: “The materialist idea that we are alone, we live alone and we die alone. That’s not very compatible with love.”"

- Michel Houllebecq Paris Review Interview  (via alexicon91)